Control room
Control room

This automated system provides:
• Data visualization from all field devices and equipment in real-time mode;
• Remote control of process package equipment (valves, pumps, blowers and heaters);
• Preparation and keeping of reports by process parameters of the process with possibility of printing out.

Standard Control Room consists of:
1. Control cabinet:

а) Automation control controller
    • field equipment control
    • Emergency Shutdown System
    • life-support systems: heating, conditioning, ventilation, power supply;
b) Flow rate controller;
c) Network and communication equipment;
d) Weak current circuits protection and control equipment

2. Power cabinet:
a) Feed voltage monitoring system;
b) Uninterruptable Power Supply;
c) Power circuits protection and control equipment.

3. Data processing system:
a) Automated workstation;
b) Data transmission feature;
c) Server.

Additional features of automated control system:
• Remote distance from explosion hazard zone;
Floor space as per Technical Design Assignment of a Client;
• Operating capacity in complicated climate conditions (from -300С to +550С).
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