Gas quality analysis unit
Gas quality analysis unit
Gas quality analysis unit is included in gas custody transfer metering station and provided for:
• Continuous automated measurement of compositional analysis of natural gas and calculation on the basis of obtained results of absolute and relative density of the gas, calorific values and other parameters in accordance with ISO 6976:1995 requirements - data communication to measuring unit;
• Continuous automated measurement of dew point temperature by water and hydrocarbons, sulphur-containing compounds, other gas parameters (pressure, temperature) in trunk pipeline.

Standard Gas quality analysis unit:
• Sampling system and heated line for sample supply to analyzer houses performed in accordance with ISO 10715:1997 requirements.
• Shelter with installed equipment and analyzers of life-support and emergency shutdown systems.

• Engineering systems and utilities in shelter.

The following equipment can be installed in Gas quality analysis unit:
• in-line chromatograph to determine the compositional analysis of sale and associated gas (measurements in accordance with ISO 6974 Part 1 …Part 6):2000;
• in-line analyzers of dew point temperature by water and hydrocarbons;
• in-line analyzer to determine sulphur-containing compounds in gas;
• manual sampling system for laboratory.

Gas quality analysis unit life-support system is provided for:
• artificial illumination inside shelter with illumination at least 100 luxe;
• automated temperature maintenance within the prescribed limits in the premise (convection explosion proof heater is used for heating, and for cooling - explosion proof industrial air conditioner).

Gas quality analysis unit emergency shutdown system is provided for:
• provision of mechanical exhaust ventilation with periodical operation supplying eightfold air exchange, it shall be activated automatically once gas pollution reaches 20% out of lower explosive limit or manually using push-button station allocated outdoor  next to main entrance of the premise;
• automated shutdown of all electrical loads once gas pollution reaches 50 % out of lower explosive limit;
• control over the gas pollution and fire, light and audible alarm in case of emergency situation.  Light annunciator and sunders shall be installed outside the shelter close to main entrance and on a light annunciator in control room.

• quality analysis packages for other petroleum derivatives such as propane-butane compounds, condensate  and others are developed and fabricated by our company;
• analyzer shelter can be integrated into processing control system
• all equipment installing in Gas quality analysis unit is explosion proofed.
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