Environmental Monitoring Station
Environmental Monitoring Station

Environmental monitoring station is an independent module package provided for air monitoring, workplace air and air on the boundaries of sanitary protection zone.

Standard EMS includes:
• sampling systems;
• analytical equipment;
• meteorological complex;
• data gathering, storage and processing package;
• heating/cooling system;
• backup power supply systems;
• data receiving and transferring systems;
• fire and security alarm.

EMS is represent as a fixed and mobile (motor vehicle and trailer-mounted, marine transport).
Air monitoring station can be used as independently so in a complex (group).

Standard EMS package description:
1. Sampling system continuously provides air sampling and transports the required amount of air for analysis carried out in analytical equipment package. According to ISO 14000 air sampling is carried out at a height of 1.5 …3.5m above ground.
2. Analytical equipment package (analyzers, chromatograph, duct meter and etc.) is provided for measurement of gas contamination in the air and content of various dust composition in measured air as well as volatile organic component. Total composition of the package (list of substances) is defined on the basis of Technical Design Assignment and/or data obtained from environmental audit.
3. Meteorological equipment (sensors of wind speed and direction, environmental temperature, relative humidity, barometric pressure) fulfills the measurements of environment parameters where air sampling and analysis is carried out. According to ISO 14000, sensors of environmental temperature, barometric pressure, relative humidity are installed by the side of sampling point and on the same level. Measurement of wind speed and direction is carried out at a height of about 10m above ground.
4. Data gathering, storage and processing device provides continuous obtaining of the data from analytical and meteorological equipment, averaging within required period of time, data storage for further processing and transmission.
5. Heating and cooling system maintains the temperature effective for operation of temperature sensors regardless of time of year.
6. Backup power supply system, as a rule, consists of uninterruptible power supply and generator (or spare line). UPS power shall be sufficient to maintain the whole station in operation mode within defined period of time (to be defined by Client).
7. Data receiving and transferring system. Using of this system is defined on the basis of Technical Design Assignment and/or at Client’s option. This system provides the information communication from EMS to central monitoring facility or dispatcher post.
8. Fire and security alarm is installed on the basis of Technical Design Assignment and/or at Client’s option.
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