Automated control system for heating of oil products and maintaining the level of emulsion in buffer vessels of group units in oilfields
Automated control system for heating of oil products
• Control and supervision system is assign for reliability improvement of heating furnace operation; 
• Increase of pump repair interval;
• Exception of uncontrolled rise of the temperature of heating furnace;
• Exception of pump dry run.

a) Lifetime extension and repair interval for oil heating furnace due to furnace coil overheat protection by applying stable pipeline packing;
b) Pump operation resource enhancement through control and monitoring of oil emulsion feed pump; 
c) Temperature control of inlet outlet emulsion in heating furnace;
d) Air lock formation prevention in furnace collector;
e) Increase of safety and operating lifetime as a result of automated ignition and burner operation regulation in “weak” and “heavy” combustion regimes depending on emulsion pressure in furnace collector; 
f)  Pump speed frequency control and their production depending on emulsion level and rate of arrival to buffer vessel; 
g) Control minimum and maximum level of emulsion in buffer vessel;
h) Control and monitoring of maximum operating time of the pump;
i) Cost savings for electrical energy;
j) Decrease of hydrophobic sediments in tube bundle of heating furnaces.
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