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Engineering team of Topan Global Engineering Limited is developing individual and innovational solutions according to measuring task with performing full set of services, from conceptual detailed design till project implementation, commissioning and full-service support of supplied system and equipment.
Providing high-quality products and services that meet the highest requirements of customers worldwide.
TGEL Team has higher qualification and experience to quickly and effectively solve core tasks of any complexity. Great intellectual and creative potential of the team ensures compliance with international quality standards.
Topan Global Engineering Limited is high qualified system integrators and is collaborating with local and foreign manufacturers on production of engineering solutions. The specialists team can design, produce and maintain varieties of systems for measuring quantity of the Gas and liquid Hydrocarbons along with ecological control systems for water, air and soil.
One of the advantages of TGEL is a comprehensive after-sales service provision. Diagnostics, operation, calibration, pre-commissioning, selection and supply of the equipment, part and consumables for all manufactured engineering systems and supplied products.
TGEL has two decades of experience in Oil & Gas Sector and shows rapid growth in past 20 years. The company is rapidly going ahead and expanding the capabilities for clients.

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